Most of know, deep down, that we probably don’t clean our make-up brushes as often as we perhaps should.

While we all know how to clean make-up brushes, it requires a lot of effort that a lot of us just can’t muster up every single week. (That said, this picture could be all the motivation you need to never skip cleaning them again.)

Recently, Kim Kardashian’s MUA revealed the foolproof method he uses to clean his pro tools, and it’ll make your brush cleaning routine a heck of a lot easier.

Mario Dedivanovic has been using the same cleaning method for 18 years since he was a young Sephora employee back in the day – and it’s not putting them in the washing machine, guys.

Taking to Instagram, Dedivanovic shared that he uses one of the best face cleansersPhilosophy’s Purity Made Simple, £29.50 at Boots, to clean his make-up brushes between uses.