Sometimes, accidents just happen. Your water bottle leaks in your bag, you hit a crack in the pavement, you drop a glass while washing up. Other times, you might accidentally commit a common crime without realising it. However new research has revealed that some Brits are more likely to be clumsier than others – as well as the fact that men on the whole are just entirely more accident-prone than women.

Based on a study by iSmash, 25,000 smartphone repair shops were surveyed to find out who was most likely to sheepishly show up with a broken phone screen. If you know a Ben, you might want to refrain from handing him anything ever because they topped the list for both genders. While Sarahs came in at fifth overall, they topped the list of ladies in need of phone repairs. It doesn’t bode too well for their dating lives, as apparently your romantic prospects are most likely to judge you for your broken phone screen. In contrast, Jonathans, Ians, Rebeccas and Annas were the least likely to pop their head into a repair shop and can probably be trusted with your grandma’s antique teapots.

Men were also way more likely to show up with damaged phones, making up for 76% of the overall data and 80% of the top 20 clumsiest names. The list of the top twenty clumsiest names are below.

Clumsiest names in the UK ranked

  1. Ben
  2. James
  3. David
  4. Paul
  5. Sarah
  6. Mark
  7. Richard
  8. Andrew
  9. Alex
  10. Chris
  11. John
  12. Michael
  13. Daniel
  14. Emma
  15. Simon
  16. Matthew
  17. Robert
  18. Laura
  19. Charlotte
  20. Philip