By Danielle Fowler

Add these must-see spots to your bucket list

No matter how impressive your travel magazine hoard, there’s no greater place to seek holiday inspiration than Instagram with passport-by-the-plane-window and ‘hot dog or legs?’ posts hogging our feeds.

But forget faraway beaches and poolside cocktails, as the world’s most social media-worthy villages have been unveiled – and we’re ready to switch up our vacation game.

From the pastel houses of Cinque Terre in Italy to the other-worldly thatched roofs in Japan’s Shirakawa-go, these are the 10 most Instagrammed villages in the world.

1. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is in at number one courtesy of its five world-famous villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

Since 1997, the quaint coastal spot has been protected from being overrun by camera-bearing tourists under Unesco World Heritage Site status.

But it’s hardly surprising that the European must-see is high on every globe-trotter’s list, all thanks to its whitewash chapels, pastel-decked villas and the rickety fishing boats bobbing around glittery harbours.

cinque terre

2. Reine, Norway

For those who have had the northern lights sketched into their bucket list since catching the travel bug, Reine is a must-tick spot.

Part of the Lofoten Islands, the quintessentially Nordic village sits on the Arctic Circle and boasts postcard-perfect fisherman cottages, harbours and rolling hills.

Whale-spotting, kayaking and hiking up nearby mountain Reinebringen keeps visitors busy and itching to come back for more.

reine norway

3. Oia, Santorini

It’s not entirely surprising to see Santorini on the list with the coastal area of Oia proving a stellar choice for wallpaper and laptop screens in offices around the world.

Its rugged clifftop views, dinky houses and cobbled streets alone secure its spot on every European summer trip with Instagram-users crowding the countless alleyways and infinity pools on the island.

oia santorini

4. Burano, Italy

Italy steals another spot on the list with Burano’s rainbow-hued houses and leaning bell tower taking ample space on feeds across the world.

A small village with around 2,000 residents, it welcomes day-trippers from neighbouring Venice on the hunt for local lace, hot pastries and a photograph by its many canals.

burano italu

5. Colmar, France

Sitting pretty on the German border, Colmar in France comes in at number five.

Early Renaissance buildings with crumbly timberline the streets with local vineyards drawing tourists from far and wide.

colmar france

6. Hallstatt, Austria

One Google of Hallstatt, Austria and you’d think it was a fairytale set with 16th century houses against the Salzkammergut mountain backdrop.

Visitors would be silly to leave their cameras at home with cobblestone streets and charming cafes to nurse coffee-after-coffee at every corner.
hallstatt austria

7. Alberobello, Italy

Any scroller is sure to have saved images of Alberobello’s hive-shaped homes for future adventures.

Crafted from local limestone, the 14th century Trullos look fit for a child’s storybook and have garnered a serious following all thanks to Airbnb.

alberobello italy

8. Shirakawa-go, Japan

Another village bookmarked by travellers for its charming architecture, Shirakawa-go in Japan boasts Gassho-style houses with thatched roofs best photographed in snow.

Located in the mountains, the eighth contender was cut off from the world for a number of years and thrived on the cultivation of mulberry trees and silkworms.


9. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

It’s hard not to pop Sidi Bou Said on your wanderlust list with its dazzling waters, palm-fringed beaches and blue door-fronts plastered across every blogger feed.

In at number nine, the sleepy fishing village is sure to see an influx of new travellers in the coming months.


10. Wengen, Switzerland

A forming farming community, Wengen in Switzerland has risen in popularity thanks to its snowcapped mountains and lush pastures – the winning recipe for Likes.

Skiers, consider popping this hotspot on your 2020 must-do list.

wengen switzerland